• RedSparx: When is that little parasite detaching itself from you?
  • PixieRose: In 6 weeks! 14 Nov... and as much as I don't want to experience my vagina being ripped apart, I would like him out of my body very soon.
  • RedSparx: Why anyone has a natural birth these days is beyond my understanding. It's like having your appendix removed through your nostril without anaesthetic.
  • PixieRose: Well I got into the birth centre at the royal and their philosophy is natural drug free births. The private room and double beds suckered me in and now I'm shitting my pants...
  • RedSparx: When my time comes it'll be a c-section/tummy-tuck combo with heroin IV. Good luck to your vagina.
  • PixieRose: Haha. I can laugh... now.
  • RedSparx: I'll buy you a pack of Depends. Hope it's worth it. What if it comes out looking like a hairless possum?
  • PixieRose: I've had dreams where he comes out looking like a little alien and I still loved him. I've told people that if the 'delivery text' is sans photo... UGLY.
  • RedSparx: My mum used to say to people, when they commented on how cute I was, "Uck. I know she's not, but she's mine and I love her anyway." You can see where I inherited my diplomacy from.
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